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Pup Pack 2.0 - Now Available!

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Current Unity Version: Unity 2022.3.6f1

There’s never been a better time to join the pack!
Odo’s Pup Pack has been remade from scratch with an improved look and enhanced customization options to suit a diversity of canine characters.

In addition to an expanded assortment of body and head customization options, this remastered edition of the Pup Pack features multiple hairstyles and tails. Avatar performance ratings have been greatly improved and will enable easier addition of accessories and outfits.

Full Body Tracking in VRChat has never been better with the Pup Pack. Odo’s legendary weight painting combined with twist bones in the arms and torso constraints make the Pup Pack the best choice for an immersive avatar.

The Pup Pack’s attractive style, along with an improved range of gesture emotes make it an avatar well-suited for content creation and streaming.

VRM/VSF compatibility! (WIP)
Look your best for your streaming or content creation! Full ARKit facetracking, and basic VRM/VSF setup. Includes a VRM compatible Pup Pack Casual Outfit! Pup Pack Casual Outfit purchase still required for use in VRChat with the Pup Pack v2 VRChat Base.

Pup Pack VRM/VSF Setup includes:
- VRM/VSF setup files created in Unity version 2019.4.31f1
- UniVRM-0.89.0 (https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM/releases/tag/v0.89.0)
- VSF SDK (https://github.com/emilianavt/VSeeFaceSDK)

Note: This 2.0 release is a base version to be expanded upon in the future, similar to the original Pup Pack. Quest-ready files, and more customization options will be available soon. Those that purchase the Pup Pack 2.0 will have access to all Legacy 1.0 files. Outfits or other add-ons will be available to purchase as upgrades at a later time.


  • All Pup Pack prefabs were made in Unity 2022.3.6f1
  • Substance Painter 9.0.0 or later is required (textures were made using paths)
  • You will also need to import the VRChat SDK3 .unitypackage or create a VCC avatar project prior to importing the Pup Pack .unitypackage.
  • The Furality Umbra shader will be required. Use VCC it will be best way to keep it up to date! https://furality.github.io/vcc-packages/
  • Pup Pack Base v2 (Pup Pack VRM Add-on Unitypackage) required for Pup Pack VRM/VSF Setup

Terms of Use:

By purchasing this avatar, you agree to the following terms.

These assets are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. In no event shall the author be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, arising from, out of or in connection with these assets.

The purchase of this avatar is nonrefundable since it is a digital asset.

You can:

  • You can use, modify, and upload the avatar for your personal use.
  • You can sell commissions to modify, reskin, and customize the assets for another person as long as both you and the commissioner have purchased the Pup Pack assets.

You may not:

  • You may not distribute or share any of the assets, either original or modified, unless both parties have purchased the Pup Pack assets.
  • You may not upload the avatar on behalf of or to accounts of other users who did not purchase the Pup Pack avatars.
  • You may not upload the Pup Pack models as a Public avatar (or otherwise make usable by those who have not purchased it) on any platform.
  • You may not use the avatar for commercial purposes other than streaming or video content creation, without permission from the creator.
  • You may not use these assets for the purpose of hate, bigotry, to cause harm, to cause fear, promote animal cruelty, or any politically motivated message or agenda. This includes but is not limited to: modification of the assets or using the assets in association with such purposes.

Pack Updates

To stay tuned to the latest updates, be sure to join the Odo’s Avatars Discord server and follow me on Twitter or Bluesky!


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Nonrefundable Digital Asset

Due to the digital nature of this avatar, purchases are nonrefundable.

Last updated Aug 12, 2023

Pup Pack VRChat Avatar Base

VRChat-ready Avatar
SDK 3 Unity Package
Texture Files
Substance Painter 9.0.0
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Odo's Pup Pack VRChat Avatar

117 ratings
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