Odo's Foxxo VRChat Avatar Base

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Introducing the Foxxo! A fabulously foxy VRChat Avatar base. This avatar was created from the paws up to be a fox or other fox-like species and is not merely a reshaping of a canine avatar.

Sly, Sleek, or Sizeable! This avatar comes with many blendshapes to allow you to modify the masculine or feminine versions to your liking. Whether you prefer a more voluptuous vulpine, muscular build, or nonbinary features, this avatar is designed to be a flexible fox!

Pounce and Play! This avatar base is optimized to support Full Body Tracking in VRChat, and comes with twist bones in the arms, legs, and constraints for the belly and chest to keep you looking your best, regardless of how much you like to stretch or flex!

Created for VRChat first, this avatar also includes all the detailed features one would expect from a high quality model - eye tracking, complete visemes, and multiple gesture animations.

Now includes Rexxo and Jexxo versions! Change up your Foxxo to be a Rexxo (my take on the Rexouium species by Rezillo Ryker) or a Jexxo (with the stunning look of the Jex species by Orange04) by applying the new species toggles, hair, and textures included.

NEW! New versions that include a Cyber City outfit! Alt versions and more in future updates! Prefab instructions and video coming soon! If you need any help feel from to email help@odo.dog!

So what are you waiting for? Get your paws on the Foxxo VRChat Avatar base today and start exploring all the amazing possibilities it has to offer. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter for all the latest updates and content!

The avatar is VRChat SDK3 ready and includes:

  • Unitypackage set up for VRChat:
    - Foxxo Base (includes Masculine and Feminine Bases)
    - Jexxo Versions
    - Rexxo Versions
  • Substance Painter files for Base re-texture
    - Masculine Base (Foxxo, Jexxo, Rexxo)
    - Feminine Base (Foxxo, Jexxo, Rexxo)
  • Full visemes
  • Facial expressions for use as gesture emotes
  • Physbone support for ears, tail, and hair, and more!
  • Toggles and Slider avatar customization via Avatar 3.0 for Body, Face, and more!
  • Base Outfit in Cyber City Prefabs version!

    Discord: Join the new community discord for Odo's Avatars! Connect with like-minded folks, discover helpful information, and access community-created assets. Don't miss out on the fun! Join us now at http://discord.gg/K68cUYxnmY

All of the Foxxo prefabs were made in Unity 2019.4.31f1


VRCFury is required for all future versions, outfits, and updates of the Foxxo Avatar version 1_17_0 and newer!

You will also need the newest VRChat SDK3 available in the VRChat creator companion prior to importing the Foxxo Unitypackage.

Foxxo VRChat Avatar uses Mochie Shader and is included in each Unitypackage. Current Mochie version included is v1.38.1.
If you have v1.36.1 or newer just uncheck the Mochie folder when importing the Foxxo Unitypackage into your Unity Project.
Otherwise you can download the most recent version here Mochie Shader

Terms of use:


By purchasing this avatar, you agree to the following terms.

These assets are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. In no event shall the author be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, arising from, out of or in connection with these assets.

The purchase of this avatar is nonrefundable since it is a digital asset.

  • You can:

You can use, modify, and upload the avatar for your personal use.

You can sell commissions to modify, reskin, and customize the assets for another person as long as both you and the commissioner have purchased the Foxxo assets.

  • You may not:

You may not distribute or share any of the assets, either original or modified, unless both parties have purchased the Foxxo assets.

You may not upload the avatar on behalf of or to accounts of other users who did not purchase the Foxxo avatars.

You may not upload the Foxxo models as a Public avatar (or otherwise make usable by those who have not purchased it) on any platform.

You may not use the avatar for commercial purposes other than streaming or video content creation, without permission from the creator.

You may not use these assets for the purpose of hate, bigotry, to cause harm, to cause fear, promote animal cruelty, or any politically motivated message or agenda. This includes but is not limited to: modification of the assets or using the assets in association with such purposes.

Renders by Odo Goldenpaw (Me)
This project includes and uses Mochie's Uber Shader.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!
Check me out on Twitter for updates and other content!

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Nonrefundable Digital Asset

Due to the digital nature of this avatar, purchases are nonrefundable.

Last updated May 20, 2024

Foxxo VRChat Avatar Base

Substance Painter Files
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Odo's Foxxo VRChat Avatar Base

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